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Plan for your future

We can also handle all aspects of family law, including child custody and paternity lawsuits. These types of suits involve your children, so you don't want to hire a subpar legal team.


Prepare for the future by drawing up a will and planning your estate.

We can help you through you family law needs

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We can help you through a tough time

Divorce can be a tough time for you and your family. It is very important that you get expert legal representation for your divorce case. Our attorneys can help you to get the best result possible out of a divorce.

One of our family law attorneys is Kayle L. Leighton. She has over 15 years of legal experience.

Our family law services include:

We serve all of Mount Sterling, KY, including Hope, Means, Westbend and beyond.

•  Divorce

•  Child custody

•  Child visitation

•  Paternity

•  Child support

•  Wills, estates and probate

•  Adoptions

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